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Cinema Joostens - Episode I

An exhibition in two episodes on the work and universe of Paul Joostens                                                                      

Episode 1: 1.3 – 15.6.2014                                                 
Episode 2: 28.6 – 14.9.2014


Cinema Joostens looks at the work and universe of the Antwerp avant-garde artist Paul Joostens (1889-1960) in two episodes. The first episode of Cinema Joostens is focussed on his drawings and paintings, the second part on the collages and assemblages. The universe of Paul Joostens unfolds like a composition with surprising facets: initially he leant towards Cubism and Dadaism, but in the 1920s he developed a style completely his own that was close to that of the Flemish Primitives. The title Cinema Joostens is a reference to his passion for films and film stars.

For the first time in almost a quarter of a century texts, drawings, paintings, collages and assemblages by Paul Joostens have been collected, examined and where necessary dated. The result is a retrospective exhibition containing many new insights and discoveries. The curators have also managed to bring together unique film footage and a large number of works from private collections in Belgium and abroad that have never been exhibited before.

To accompany Cinema Joostens there is a two-volume catalogue containing the results, in words and pictures, of new art historical research into the work and motives of Paul Joostens. Volume 1 will be published on 1 March, volume 2 on 28 June. The first volume contains diverse and often unpublished photos, as well as over 400 illustrations of drawings, paintings, collages and assemblages. Volume two looks at Paul Joostens’ oeuvre in relation to cinema, philosophy, psychoanalysis and so on, and also contains unknown texts written by him.

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01/03/2014 - 15/06/2014
€ 7 single adult
€ 5 55+, groups of min. 15 people
€ 1 13-26 year
Free children up to 12 years
(this ticket gives access to all exhibitions, permanent collections and the Wing with masterpieces)