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Beaufort Beyond Borders

Setting for exploration and innovation

It has been twelve years since the first edition of Beaufort, the triennial of contemporary art on the Belgian coast, took place. It was therefore high time to rethink and renew the concept for this fifth edition. Nothing around us is static, and the same goes for concepts of art and art in public space. Initiated in 2003 in order to bring contemporary visual art to the public, this edition aspires to a more artistic focus which intends to go beyond the limits of the exhibition and its temporariness.

This edition drew inspiration from the renowned exhibition 'Sonsbeek buiten de perken' from 1971, which broke with the traditional sculpture exhibition that characterised the previous editions, and which presented the latest trends and tendencies in contemporary sculpture. Land art, minimal art and conceptual art played a crucial part in this. A challenging exhibition concept ensured that art was displayed far beyond the park, the city and the province. The exhibition questioned the way the artwork functioned in the setting in which it was placed.

Forty-four years later  this discussion is still ongoing. Beaufort Beyond Borders reflects on its own existence as a triennial and deals with the same issues. It confronts the habitat of the coastal landscape. How should art be presented in public space? How should this space be dealt with and how does it relate to art? How should artists formulate proposals beyond the walls of a museum or art institution? The Belgian coast is much more than just sea, beach and dunes. Beaufort Beyond Borders aims to explore public space in all its diversity and aspects, and more than ever, nature plays a prominent part.

Beaufort Beyond Borders presents a group exhibition with over 30 artists and focuses on three provincial nature and heritage locations along the coast: the Zwin Nature Centre, Raversyde and the De Nachtegaal visitor centre. The concentration of the different artists’ projects at these three locations marks a clear change with regard to the initial concept of the triennial.  

The realisation of a solo exhibition along the 67 kilometre long coastline with projects in all ten coastal municipalities also demonstrates a new direction and shows a certain extent of bravura.

The initiative for this fifth edition was taken by the Province of West Flanders, which supports and helps realise this renewed artistic approach together with the ten coastal municipalities. This edition is managed as to contents by the four curators Lorenzo Benedetti (de Appel, Amsterdam), Patrick Ronse (Be-Part, Waregem), Hilde Teerlinck (freelance curator, Bourges) and Phillip Van den Bossche (Mu.ZEE, Oostende) and is more than ever the setting for exploration and innovation. Beyond Borders indeed.



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