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Barro y Fuego - INNOVANDO LA TRADICIÓN (Beaufort 2015)

Innovando la Tradición presents a special and sizeable project within Mu.ZEE. Barro y Fuego is a collection of 100 pieces of ceramic from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, known for its artisanal pottery.

Because of the wisdom, diversity and beauty of the pottery tradition in Oaxaca as well as its aesthetic value,  the cultural heritage of the inhabitants has been preserved throughout the years. Ceramics are currently the main source of income and shape the identity of a considerable part of the population of this state.

The ceramics collection illustrates the current practice of producing pottery in 65 communities in Oaxaca. Pieces from nearly all regions are represented: Sierra Norte, Sierra Sur, Cañada, Istmo, Costa and Valles Centrales. The purpose of this project is to show the diversity, beauty and artistic feeling of traditional pottery from Oaxaca. It is also aimed at providing the public with tools to interpret and appreciate the trade in ceramics in all its complexity and depth.

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