Kunstmuseum aan zee Collecties van
de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
Stad Oostende

The building

Ensor House is unique among buildings of its type. If you’re looking for original works by James Ensor, you will be disappointed: the museum is instead an invitation to journey to the early 20th century, into the world of the Ostend artist. This is done evocatively, by opening up the spaces where the artist lived and worked, furnished with authentic furniture, full-size reproductions and small documentary presentations. Ensor inherited the house on Vlaanderenstraat from his aunt in 1917. He lived there until his death in 1949. Since 1956, the house has been held by the City of Ostend. Since 2008, it has been part of Mu.ZEE, as one of the satellite museums alongside Permekemuseum.
Facade Ensor House
Room view Ensor Museum
Room view Ensor Museum