mo(nu)ment ,

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During the summer of 2020, Mu.ZEE and KAAP erected eight monuments in Ostend. Mo(nu)ment is not an exhibition, nor a trail. It is a project that is intertwined with the city and is based on the naive belief that art is powerful even if it were not noticed by anyone.

With this document, Mu.ZEE and KAAP provide access to and document the project. It is a story of the attempt to give meaningful gestures to Ostend, from and for everyone and no one. It is a testimony to a project that aims to be a pilot light for the power of the imagination.

Mirthe Demaerel, Rolf Quaghebeur, llse Roosens, Merel Vercoutere, Published by Mu.ZEE and KAAP, Dutch / French / English, 2 volumes: 11 postcards and photo booklet

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