Mu.ZEE between 2 exhibitions...

Albert Baertsoen, Avond op de duin. Mariakerke aan zee, ca. 1892. Fotograaf : Michel Burez.

Ensor in the making

From 7 November to 14 December 2023, we are in full preparation for the exhibition with which Mu.ZEE opens the Ensor year: Rose, rose, rose à mes yeux. James Ensor and the still life in Belgium 1830-1930

Mu.ZEE continues to fascinate with a new collection presentation and a unique Albert Baertsoen

The permanent collection remains accessible, albeit in a reduced display.
This time, we throw the traditional arrangement overboard and bring together artworks from different contexts and zeitgeists. Discover the unique artistic viewpoints of some 50 artists in our collection.

Following the Anna Boch exhibition, Mu.ZEE looks ahead to the Year of James Ensor and the Rose, rose, rose à mes yeux exhibition with a new acquisition. Between 9 November and 14 December, it will exhibit the long-term loan Evening on the Dune: Mariakerke-aan-zee (ca. 1892) by Albert Baertsoen, from the collection of the King Baudouin Foundation's Orcona Fund, alongside works by James Ensor. The  paintings each provide a very different view of the picturesque fishing village of Mariakerke, which was threatened with demolition due to urban expansion during the Belle Epoque, and held great appeal for pleinairists.

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