Ostend - Gus & Stella ,

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"Gus and Stella finanlly find their inspiration at their doorstep.  A doorstep blue, red, beige, sometimes grey, white or green.

Gus and Stella live their lives as they take pictures, spirited and fiery, as wel as the waves hitting the breakwater.  Because their lives and their images are one and the same , this book is a beautiful personal peek into what the city of Ostend looks and feels like.  Vivid, spontaneous and joyful. A city keeps giving the impression of discovery, even in places you go to everyday. 

With this book Gus & Stella are showing us that focusing on your own surrounding is not a proof of pride but more of an open mind.  An open mind allowing them to share a part of their lives with us, a part of their beatiful doorstep: the inspiring city of Ostend!" (Camille Paycha)

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