The architecture of Images during the Interwar period: Flouquet, Kassák en Léonard ,

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Pierre Louis Flouquet, Lajos Kassák and Jos Léonard were three visual artists and graphic designers who shaped the interwar years by harnessing the endless possibilities of the line and the plane, and the circle, triangle and square.  They shared the conviction that geometric abstraction could be a blueprint for a renewed society after the First World War. For the constructivist artistists there was no clear distinction between West and Eastn or centre of periphery.  'Connection' was the keyword.  Published in response to the exhibition held at Mu.ZEE. 


Phillip Van den Bossche, Adriaan Gonnissen, Saki Mafundikwa, Irene Lund, Merse Pál Szeredi & Gábor Dobó, Katrien Van haute, 352p , Hard Cover.  Ed . Mu.ZEE

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