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Honoré δ’O - Holy Molecule

In this exhibition, Honoré δ’O looks back at an oeuvre built up since the mid-1980s. ‘Holy Molecule’ highlights a number of key works from the rich body of work produced by this artist. These works make use of contemporary industrial materials - Styrofoam, PVC, cotton balls, plastic, dust masks and marbles - to give shape to a perpetually flowing stream of thought.

A pearl made from Styrofoam contains 98% air, and is the best form of insulation material imaginable. The material is pure, whiter than white, anonymous and - due to its outstanding recyclable properties - even sustainable. Briefly put: Styrofoam has everything but artistic potential. This provided Honoré δ’O with the anti-material par excellence that would enable him to use a material to express something non-material. The sterile, almost unbearable lightness of the material opens up a new world to us, in which our thought processes are triggered. 

Everything that surrounds us in our everyday existence, and all too often remains invisible, is transformed by this artist into astonishing works of art that form part of a spatial and greater history. In this exhibition he presents numerous creation myths that lead us towards the essence of creation. With ’Holy Molecule’ Honoré δ’O creates a sanctuary for the mind, a place where art and documents merge with words, concepts, thoughts and phrases. This exhibition describes a cycle come full circle, a career, an organ of growth, flowering and transience, a fabric of intricate connections produced by a unique artist who invites the beholder to join him on a journey of his creation. 

in collaboration with Galerij Kristof De Clercq


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16/04/2016 - 04/09/2016
€9 single adult
€7,50 55+, groups ≥15 pp
€1 13-26 years old
Free up to 12 years