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Au Fond. Katleen Vinck & Wim Wauman.

Au Fond. Katleen Vinck & Wim Wauman – Modern art between landscape and scenography

Out of a desire to express his feelings when observing a landscape, Permeke painted with quick brushstrokes. In so doing, he reduced his environment to its very essence, and enriched the landscape with personal impressions. Today, Katleen Vinck and Wim Wauman, in turn, approach reality from their own unique perspectives. Both artists reflect upon the actuality of backdrops and elevate the ‘scene’ to the subject of their work. Whereas Permeke manipulated the existing landscape in the function of an expression, Katleen Vinck and Wim Wauman construct their own landscapes out of various materials and props.

Katleen Vinck analyzes the existing architectural landscape by reconstructing certain elements. She develops ‘stagings’ of places that are often a kind of pastiche. By imitating creations that have evolved spontaneously, interesting hybrids between nature and culture tend to emerge. Grottos in places of pilgrimage are intended to evoke an impression of authenticity, but they are ultimately archetypes that tend to be copied by people with little imagination. From her background in architecture and scenography, Katleen Vinck is profoundly drawn to the types of structures that defy categorization. Her sculptures and photographs also fall between copy and original, and between autonomous object and decor.

A similar interest in scenography is prominent in the recent work of Wim Wauman. Departing from the path of ‘photography as a window on the world’, he decided to construct his own images from a tabula rasa. In his studio, he assembles and photographs compositions of found objects and gifts from other artists. The strategic use of studio lighting, the dominant camera position and clever puzzle of objects and wooden panels emphasize the theatricality of these scenes. Wim Wauman increasingly approaches the constructions for his still lifes as autonomous entities. Through an experimental translation process, from two to three-dimensional work (and vice versa), and the use of traditional techniques, he extends his artistic production with handmade pieces of scenery, wooden objects and other props. In this way, he examines the intuitive interplay between ‘thinking’ and ‘making’ which lies at the basis of his creative process.

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26/06/2016 - 13/11/2016