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Eric van Hove – Atchilihtallah – on the transformation of objects

The solo exhibition by the Belgian/Algerian artist Eric van Hove starts in his studio in Marrakesh (Morocco). For the last few years he has been working with local artisans in an effort to reorient economic processes, particularly the relationship between local and global production and between artisanal and industrially produced objects. Eric van Hove mixes aspects related to conceptual art with sociopolitical research, activism and ideas about alternative economic systems.

The exhibition is a coproduction with Frankfurter Kunstverein and will consist of a large selection of recently developed artworks and projects. “Mahjouba I” is an electronic motorbike for which a great many of the parts were made by artisans. It illustrates Eric van Hove’s fascination with production forms; there are references to solar energy, for example, and combinations of artisanal and digital techniques such as 3D printing.

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15/04/2017 - 03/09/2017