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P.-L. Flouquet, L. Kassák and J. Léonard

The architecture of images during the interwar years.

This exhibition links abstract, constructivist and (typo)graphical art from the oeuvre of the Belgian artists Léonard and Flouquet with the artistic practice and network of the Hungarian artist, Lajos Kassak, and his avant-garde magazine MA, a major East European link in the international avant-garde network of magazines such as Der Sturm, De Stijl, Noi, but also the Belgian Het Overzicht, 7 Arts and Ça Ira.

Léonard, Flouquet and Kassak contributed to the formation of the avant-garde movement in magazines and shared the conviction that the production of art had a social role. Their work as graphic designers, typographers and designers undoubtedly responded to this belief in a ‘useful’ art, in which painting and drawing, architecture, graphic and applied arts all served the same purpose. These three artists stood for their own form of ‘pure imagery’ (plastique pure), related to the abstract-geometric and constructivist trends of the international avant-garde.

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16/06/2018 - 04/11/2018