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The Contradiction of Modernism

The contradiction of modernism is an experimental visual journey with a critical art history message. Why is an artist like Pierre-Louis Flouquet, a pivotal figure in the Belgian abstract avant-garde, seldom exhibited next to an expressionist artist like Hubert Malfait? Why can a work by Constant Permeke not hang next to a painting by Jozef Peeters?
The art clashes and that goes against the human reflex to categorise things. However, the avant-garde is based on resistance and response. Contradiction also implies tense dialogue. Modernism is a story with various solutions, Mu.ZEE is interested in the avant-garde intersections. This exhibition aspires to a broad overview in which artistic differences in style, ambition and personality are countered by compositional and thematic similarities.


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25/11/2017 - 20/05/2018