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Kunstacademie aan Zee

Adult students at the Kunstacademie aan Zee (Art Academy at the Seaside, part-time arts education Ostend), browsed through Mu.ZEE’s collection and each chose a favourite work which they studied for four months. During their painting, drawing, interactive media, ceramics, graphic arts, sculpture and spatial art workshops they developed an original dialogue with their chosen artwork: an answer, a sequel, their own interpretation, a humorous note, a thought or a translation. Lecturers supervised them at a distance, but the approach, the imagery and the treatment are personal and individual. 48 students participated. Mu.ZEE shows a selection of 10 creations, each with the artwork from Mu.ZEE that inspired it and with which it is in dialogue.  

Susan Ball – in dialogue with Philip Aguirre y Otegui
Mirei Bonte – in dialogue with Léon Spilliaert
Tine Dosselaere – in dialogue with Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven
Diederik Muyle – in dialogue with Jules Schmalzigaug
Nathalie Nuyttens – in dialogue with Lili Dujourie
Koenraad Schoutteet – in dialogue with Hana Miletic
Rina Vandeneede – in dialogue with Lili Dujourie
Greta Witdoeckt – in dialogue with Benoit Platéus
Michel Wybouw – in dialogue with Otobong Nkanga
Chris Wuytack – in dialogue with Jules Schmalzigaug

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19/01/2019 - 30/06/2019