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Enter#10 : Younes Baba-Ali -- Short Cut

A quiet buzzing draws our attention. It is a satellite dish that orbits tirelessly but aimlessly, in search of connection to a satellite which is not there. The antenna conjures up associations with migrant communities who want to reconnect with their homeland. The work Parabole as described above is the work of Younes Baba-Ali. As an artist, he observes his surroundings and, fuelled by his own migratory background, he presents the viewer with taboos we would rather pass by blindly. Who is 'migrant ' and what does it mean to be 'at home' somewhere? How 'multi' is our society in reality, or have we forgotten the true meaning of that word? 

Younes Baba-Ali makes video work, photography and ready-made installations. He plays on the perception of the viewer, who may feel familiar with what he sees, yet is still being deceived. At the same time, he strongly questions his own position as an artist. What is the value of an artist and especially the work he produces? Can there be any room for negotiation? In the context of ENTER, Mu.ZEE invites the artist to highlight a number of themes in his body of work. 

This ENTER project will be realised in collaboration with Moussem, Nomadic Arts Centre.
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28/09/2019 - 05/01/2020