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Joe Scanlan - Part I Object Lesson

Till 7 October Object Lesson, by the American artist Joe Scanlan, can be admired in the entrance hall of Mu.ZEE. You can best describe an object lesson as a situation in which the characteristics and behaviour of an object are so obvious that words are almost superfluous. So if you want to describe something it is best just to observe it as it is.

Part I, Object Lesson, shows 19 Nesting Bookcases (1990-now) bought by Mu.ZEE. During Part II, Truffle finds pig the inhabitants of Ostend will be able to borrow the Nesting Bookcases from the museum and give them a place at home or in businesses all over the city.

In terms of aesthetics the Nesting Bookcase tends towards minimalism and arte povera.  From a practical point of view the Nesting Bookcase stems from the long tradition of portable American design. The Nesting Bookcase is Scanlan’s stamp on contemporary art. Objects that are interesting both to look at and to actually use. They consist of a rectangular compartment with four independent shelves, each one a little smaller than the next so that they “nestle” into each other and into the compartment. The compartment and the shelves are perforated so that they can be transported with a strap when they are nestled into each other. If they’re piled up then the strap serves as a structural guy line to stabilise them. At Mu.ZEE these two main functions – at rest or in motion – are mirrored by the two institutions that are involved in the exhibition - the museum and the city.

Object Lesson is accompanied by a beautiful two-part publication, brought out by Mu.ZEE, developed by DexterSinister, New York, and distributed by Walther König Buchhandlung, Cologne.

Part II     Truffle finds pig, from 7/10/2012

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07/07/2012 - 07/10/2012

€7 single adult
€5 55+, groups ≥15 pp
€1 13-26 years old
Free up to 12 years

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