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Mu.Zee committee presents : Peter Van Ammel

Mu.ZEE has recently decided to dedicate a space for young art and artists on the ground floor of the museum. This is being developed in collaboration with Comitee Mu.ZEE, a group of committed art lovers linked to the museum (www.comitee-muzee.be). Pieterjan Ginckels had the privilege of being first in line. Peter Van Ammel (b. Wilrijk, 1976) will be a guest of Mu.ZEE this autumn, with the work Trompe l’art, trompe la mort.
‘Peter Van Ammel’s recent paintings exude a hunger for images, a longing for knowledge and the urge to playfully manipulate painterly conventions. The way in which he has appropriated the history of painting, and the clearly visible pleasure in painting conveyed by his canvases, amount to a heartfelt plea for his belief in the medium.
Peter Van Ammel is a self-taught painter. He studied journalism, but rapidly exchanged journalistic ambition for the subjectivity of painting. In spite of this, his paintings are not based on observation, description and the clarification of reality, as you might expect from a reporter. On the contrary, the starting point for his painting is not reality, but painting itself.’ (Lieven
Van Den Abeele, July 2012)

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27/10/2012 - 13/01/2013
€7,00 single adult
€5,00 55+, groups ≥15 pp
€1,00 13-26 years old
Free up to 12 years