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The Self-portrait, the House and the Seasons

Jean Brusselmans in dialogue with Jef Geys, Francis Picabia, Rodney Graham, Valérie Mannaerts, Jochen Lempert, Marc Nagtzaam, Christopher Williams, Philip Guston, Carol Bove, Marcel Broodthaers, Eugène Atget, Daniël Buren, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Raoul De Keyser, Olivier Foulon, René Heyvaert, Pierre Klossowski, Sol LeWitt, Edouard Manet, Lucy McKenzie, Edward Krasinski, Jean-Luc Moulène, Charles & Ray Eames, Luigi Ghirri, Fischli & Weiss, Manfred Pernice, David Hockney, Walter Swennen, Alexandre de Wemmel and Willem Oorebeek.

The self-portrait, the house and the seasons brings a new selection of paintings by Jean Brusselmans into dialogue with modern and contemporary art. After the solo exhibition this summer, Mu.ZEE continues its study of Brusselmans’s vision. In this group exhibition we look at the building blocks of this vision and the related research fields of contemporary artists: genre-crossing compositions, the oeuvre as a self-portrait and the layered significance of art and the individual, abstraction within realism, autonomy and the anecdotal, geometry and allegory, the graphic in relation to the colour palette, motifs versus repetitions and the constant putting together of elements and (re-) structuring them, the intuitive experience of phenomena and a measurable analysis of reality etc.

The self-portrait, the house and the seasons is an invitation to everyone to test Brusselmans’s vision against contemporary artists’ studies, from the paintings of Raoul De Keyser, Philip Guston, Walter Swennen and Francis Picabia through the drawings and graphic work of Marc Nagtzaam, Lucy McKenzie, David Hockney and Pierre Klossowski, to the documents and publications dedicated to Édouard Manet, Sol LeWitt and Edward Krasinski. The exhibition brings together work by thirty different artists, including some exceptional loans from both public and private collections. Mu.ZEE combines these with some of its recent acquisitions, such as Anne Daems, Jan Vercruysse, Valérie Mannaerts and Herman Van Ingelgem.

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17/09/2011 - 15/01/2012

€7 single adult
€5 55+, groups ≥15 pp
€1 13-26 years old
Gratis up to 12 years

Guide :€60