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The scent of Ostend 

A digital tour of the city with James Ensor as your guide
“Ostend. My muse, my inspiration. The swarm of tourists, the sound of the sea, the bustle of the harbour, the light over the roofs of Ostend. And the unmistakable aroma of my city. The scent of Ostend...”
It’s Baron James Ensor speaking. Painter, musician and confirmed citizen of Ostend. In the city tour The scent of Ostend, he leads you through the streets of his city and what he shows you is another Ostend. Ostend in the footsteps of artists Léon Spilliaert and Constant Permeke, but most importantly Ostend through the eyes of Ensor himself.
You complete the tour at your own pace, using an audio guide with a view screen and GPS. You are led by the voices of top actors Wim Opbrouck and Els Dottermans.
Sound, sight and the unique Ostend atmosphere make The scent of Ostend a charming, stimulating immersion experience. It is a pleasant surprise for anyone who knows Ostend already, and an exceptional way to get to know the Queen of Seaside Resorts for anyone who has not yet had the pleasure.

Length of the tour: 90-120 minutes
Price: EUR 7 per person Entry to Mu.ZEE (EUR 2 extra during expo Jean Brusselmans) and Ensorhuis included
Or free when you buy an Ostend City Pass
Can be obtained from

Toerisme Oostende vzw (Ostend Tourist Office), Monacoplein 2, 8400 Ostend 

Ostende City Pass - Bruges City Pass 

Throughout the year, separate from the exhibitions, Toerisme Oostende vzw and the Bruges Tourist Office offer a city pass, which includes a visit to Mu.ZEE, Ensorhuis for Ostend and Permekemuseum for Bruges.

These passes can only be obtained from the relevant tourist offices.

For the Ostend tourist office, click here, for the Bruges tourist office, click here.

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