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Jean Brusselmans

Jean Brusselmans’s oeuvre seems to be a well-kept secret among art lovers. His style is unique and his work shows great autonomy, but at the same time it is deeply humane and uncompromising. A contemporary of Constant Permeke and Edgard Tytgat and a fellow student of Rik Wouters, he occupies a singular place in Belgian art from the period between the two world wars.

Jean Brusselmans is the first major solo exhibition in over 30 years, put together by the curator Phillip van den Bossche and visual artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer. In addition to a number of drawings and watercolours, around fifty paintings have been selected. The emphasis is on the 1930s, the period in which Brusselmans’s style and compositions reached their peak, plus a few works from the 1920s and 1940s. His own personal environment was his source of inspiration and was easy for Brusselmans to convert to geometrical forms. He considered that nature was a ‘wonderful mathematical monument’.

A striking element is the way he repeats themes, emphasising the way he constantly sought to show an image from a different angle or at a different point in time. The exhibition goes into these repetitions more deeply and with an almost conceptual approach. He organises, arranges and rearranges the reality of the painting with mathematical precision.

Jan Brusselmans’s oeuvre can be rediscovered again and again and has lost none of its contemporaneity. Even today Brusselmans continues to inspire young artists. The exhibition hosts four modern artists too: Francis Picabia, Manfred Pernice, Rodney Graham and Marcel Broodthaers. In the autumn Mu.ZEE will reverse the roles, with an exhibition in which contemporary art enters a dialogue with Jean Brusselmans. No one will be left unmoved by the Jean Brusselmans exhibition either nationally or internationally. For some it will be a real revelation and a visual delight they will never forget; for others it will be a rediscovery of a forgotten piece of art heritage!

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09/04/2011 - 04/09/2011
€9 single adult
€7,5 55+, groups of minimum 15 people
€1 13-26 years old
Free children up to 12 years