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The renowned HERMESensemble and the Ostend social-artistic organisation kleinVerhaal composed music for the expo 'Rose, rose, rose à mes yeux'. An enchanting synergy bubbles up between the two companies, resulting in music that unites both contemporary and classical influences. Together, they create a super-diverse musical universe with an evocative mix of texts, languages and channel colours. During five nocturnes, this exuberant occasion ensemble will bring their music live to the works of art. They will take you on an intense musical trip through the exhibition.

Bold and unexpected, Ensorian!

Preview the album here or on your favourite music platform.

Mireille Capelle - mezzo-soprano
Marc Tooten - viola
Peter Merckx - clarinet and bass clarinet
Gaetan La Mela - percussion
Andres Kolobaro - electric guitar
Inna Moscalenco - piano and voice
Jozefien Desaever - violin
Haiderj Al-Khaffaj - voice
Stef Vanremoortele - piano
Michael Desmet - rap
Yamen Martini - trumpet
Flynn Rutsaert - voice and piano
Genís Laguna - electronics

Each time from 19.30 to 21 hours
Registration is necessary via the link below

Standard rate €15
Plus fare: with a few euros extra make this evening affordable for everyone € 20
Social rate / Disadvantaged people rate € 3

Prices & Rates

standard rate € 15,00
A. 7 - 12 years € 3,00
B. persons Uitpas kansentarief € 3,00

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The museum is open from 10am to 5.30pm.

Closed on Mondays, and on December 25 & January 1.

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