! For your safety and that of the other museum visitors wearing a facial mask is mandatory during the museum visit.


In group


Out of the box

An interactive tour with creative tasks in the museum rooms


With an open mind

An interactive and conversational tour


Ensor in duplicate

Ensor House + Ensor and Spilliaert wing


To the museum for 1 euro

Youngsters under 26 pay only one euro to visit Mu.ZEE!

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For non-Dutch speaking newcomers

Discover art as a conversation topic!
Art encourages you to talk and to share what you have noticed

Duo – the collection through the eyes of…

The participatory project Duo has been running since 2016. Its aim is to stimulate an active and creative dialogue between visitors and the museum collection


Tour plus

Children with a mental impairment or physical disability can take part in a creative workshop in a group

Labo de lux

A special lab for people with a disability

With your company