Rather than developing in a linear fashion, the Mu.ZEE collection has grown historically from different collections since 2008. It includes the collections of the city of Ostend (formerly MSK Oostende) and the province of West Flanders (formerly PMMK), today the Flemish Community. The Mu.ZEE collection contains more than 8000 works and spans different periods and styles, with Belgium as the common thread. It contains works with international allure, from Ostend confidants such as Ensor, Spilliaert and Permeke to pacesetters such as Frits Van den Berghe, Roger Raveel, Raoul De Keyser, Raoul Servais and less well-known but strong artists such as Marthe Wéry, Jacques Verduyn and Walter Swennen. Sometimes Mu.ZEE has followed one artist intensively, but other artists only have one work exhibited. This gives the collection a complex but interesting character. All the artists in the collection have been chosen because of their contribution to the history and development of Belgian art, not just because of their nationality. They were either born or ended up in Belgium (and sometimes left again). Belgium has always been a sanctuary for artists who observed each other and the world critically, on a highly visual level. “My talent is to be Belgian,” Marcel Broodthaers once said.



FULL HOUSE collection

01.06.24 - 05.01.25

from James Ensor to Ann Veronica Janssens
from Paul Delvaux to Luc Tuymans
from Pierre Alechinsky to Otobong Nkanga
from Constant Permeke to Marcel Broodthaers

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