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Mu.ZEE is the only place in the world that focuses on modern and contemporary art in Belgium, from 1880 to the present day. Mu.ZEE would like to share its iconic building, its beautiful collection and the growing knowledge about it with you and as many others as possible. In a warm, welcoming and generous manner. An evolving yet constant museum embodying the pleasure of collecting. Mu.ZEE wants to let everyone enjoy, and obtain an insight into, the fascinating, unfinished story of art in Belgium, artist by artist. Bringing people from far and wide, both for the 'mu' and the 'sea' in our name. How wonderful!

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from James Ensor to Ann Veronica Janssens | from Paul Delvaux to Luc Tuymans | from Pierre Alechinsky to Otobong Nkanga | from Constant Permeke to Marcel Broodthaers

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Léon Spilliaert

Mu.ZEE - LONGER on Thursday nights


Want to enjoy art longer on Thursdays this summer? Extend your visit until 8pm, choose a later time slot and take a later train home to enjoy our Full House collection extra long!

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