Friends in a Field: Conversations with Raoul De Keyser

Photo: Andrea Rossetti

Over the course of his nearly five-decade career, the Belgian artist Raoul De Keyser (1930–2012) created a group of artworks that bridged the concrete mysteries of the everyday and the intangible world of abstraction. Friends in a Field: Conversations with Raoul De Keyser takes the artist’s radical painterly practice as the beginning of a conversation with a diverse group of artists — both living and dead — whose works share a sensibility and attentiveness to the fragile intangibility of the world. In their paintings, sculptures, and works on paper, these artists join De Keyser in presenting the world back to us as a kind of abstract visual poetry.

Organized by Los Angeles-based guest curators Hanneke Skerath and Douglas Fogle in collaboration with Mu.ZEE curator Ilse Roosens, the exhibition includes works by:

Richard Aldrich, Forrest Bess, Matt Connors, René Daniëls, Raoul De Keyser, Vincent Fecteau, Maysha Mohamedi, Rebecca Morris, Betty Parsons, Amy Sillman, Ricky Swallow, Patricia Treib, Luc Tuymans, and Lesley Vance. 

From 17.12.2022 new ticket prices :
€15 adult
€13 groups from 15 pp
€3 youth from 13 to 26 years old
Free children up to 12 years