Joris Ghekiere

Zonder titel, 56 x 77 cm, 1991. Courtesy of Joris Ghekiere Foundation
Location: Mu.ZEE

The Belgian artist Joris Ghekiere (1955 – 2016 ) had a passion for travel. On his numerous and often lengthy journeys through Japan, China and India, among others, he put his thoughts and impressions on paper - not in words but in images. The artist gradually created a mobile studio, as it were, and thus worked on a rich body of works on paper.

Created in the midst of impressive landscapes or influenced by the richness of other cultures, these works have a much more personal character than the often monumental oil paintings that the artist produced in his familiar studio. Joris Ghekiere himself is present in the drawings remarkably often and as an observer you can almost feel how much he is scanning the landscape or marvelling and opening up to the aesthetics or customs of other cultures. The drawings, watercolours, sketches and collages that Joris Ghekiere made during his travels together form a very special and fascinating account.

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