Foto : Studio Copain

In the Ensoriades, musicians from Ostend-based social-artistic practice kleinVerhaal will collaborate with the renowned HERMESensemble. This exceptional combination of musicians composed music for the expo "Rose Rose Rose à mes yeux". Taking Ensor's still lifes as their inspiration, they created compositions ranging from catchy songs to exciting soundscapes, which can be heard accompanying the works. The Ensoriades take you on a surprising musical walk through the exhibition. The music is unexpected and genre-transcending, a bold blend of contemporary and classical influences, Ensorian.

Mireille Capelle - mezzo-soprano
Marc Tooten - viola
Peter Merckx - clarinet and bass clarinet
Gaetan La Mela - percussion
Andres Kolobaro - electric guitar
Inna Bandur - piano and voice
Jozefien Desaever - violin
Saar Van Eygen - guitar
Haiderj Al-Khaffaj - voice
Stef Vanremoortele - piano
Michael Desmet - rap
Yamen Martini - trumpet
Flynn Rutsaert - voice and piano
Genís Laguna - electronics
Dieter Debruyne - bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio.666 by Yamen Martini and Genís Laguna.

Ensoriades is a collaboration between kleinVerhaal, HERMESensemble, Drift Records and Mu.ZEE. This project is part of Ensor 2024, the multifaceted city festival featuring numerous exhibitions and high-profile events to mark the 75th anniversary of the death of artist James Ensor.

Click this link to listen to the Ensoriades in the exhibition.