Mu.ZEE Café

The Mu.ZEE Café welcomes you during the museum's opening days, and is open from 10am to 2pm.

The Mu.ZEE Café by Van Bulck is new in Ostend and is part of your experience at Mu.ZEE. After your museum visit, you can enjoy a wide range of coffee, tea and fresh cake there. There is also a wide choice of organic sandwiches and soups. The emphasis at this cosy coffee and lunch bar is on organic quality products, they even have their own craft organic Van Bulck beers.

The coffee bar is located in the lobby of Mu.ZEE and can be recognised by the smell of fresh coffee beans or freshly baked coffee cakes. So it is the ideal place to treat your taste buds after visiting the exhibition(s).

With 100 seats, it can also accommodate larger groups upon reservation.

For information and reservations for groups, please contact the manager Denis Renty at or by phone at 059 44 33 20.