Ensor researchproject

In 2013, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp began the ‘Ensor Research Project’. The aim of the project, which is ongoing, is to conduct both art-historical and material-technical research into James Ensor’s artworks. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp owns an extensive collection. But the artist James Ensor is also well represented at Mu.ZEE, which is therefore a partner in the fascinating project. Art-historical research involving (un)published sources and archives, whether or not concerning Ensor, goes hand in hand with the latest techniques in the field of photographic images using X-rays and infrared light or a portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer.

The research findings are disseminated via various channels. Among others, the website jamesensor.vlaamsekunstcollectie.be, shares findings but results of the research are also published on the blog of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp https://kmskablog.wordpress.com/tag/ensor-research-project/.