For non-Dutch speaking newcomers

Discover art as a conversation topic! Art encourages you to talk and to share what you have noticed. Adopting a low-threshold approach, we invite the group to join the guide in considering artworks from a specific, colourful frame of reference. This leads to fascinating discussions and ideal opportunities for practising your Dutch. Looking at the works together often means seeing new things!

This method is inspired by Visual Thinking Strategies. There is no such thing as a wrong answer; you simply build on what others have said. Together you get far more out of an artwork than you would do alone. This tour is led by an experienced guide. There is also time for creative tasks and reflection.

Who: for all students of Dutch as a second language (NT2)

Duration: 1.5 hours Cost: 60 euros/ guide + entry price (entry price: 2,40 euro with Uitpas for socially disadvantaged people, free for pupils up to 26 years – check out this link for extra discounts)
Number: max. 15 people/ guide (we recommend small groups)
Language: Dutch