For people with dementia

Meet me at Mu.ZEE

In 2020, Mu.ZEE is starting a programme for people with dementia and their caregivers. It is inspired by the ‘Meet Me at MoMA’ programme run by MoMA in New York. Looking at art gives people with dementia the opportunity to exchange ideas without needing to rely upon short-term memory. It offers access to the long-term memory and personal experiences. What’s more, viewing art stimulates the brain thanks to cognitive exercise. Research shows that this has positive health benefits. Moreover, it also has advantages for the relationship between the carer and the person they look after, and offers those in a similar situation the opportunity to meet one another in a safe and inspiring environment. Looking at art gives people with dementia the chance to express themselves and to enter into a dialogue with their surroundings. During the tour, the focus is not on the disease, but on having a positive, creative and inspiring experience.

Tour upon request

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: 70 euros/ guide

Number: max. 12 people (6 pairs comprising a person with dementia + companion)

Language: Dutch


Tours on fixed dates

Price: 12 euros per pair (person with dementia + companion)

This package includes entry ticket, guided tour and assistance from a Mu.ZEE volunteer.

View the dates of upcoming tours here.