Infants and kindergarten pupils

Fun interactive tours

Short interactive tours for infants and kindergarten pupils with creative tasks in the museum rooms.

Infants and young children will be taking their first steps in Mu.ZEE. This tour will revolve around their own impressions and experiences. They will be encouraged to learn to look creatively, inquiringly and critically at shapes and colours. The highlight of the museum trip is when each child creates their own artwork in the inspiration room.

Target group: infants and year one of kindergarten
Duration: 45 min
Cost: 30 euro/ guide
Number: max. 20 people/ guide


Mister James

Interactive tour with creative tasks in the museum rooms. Mister James has run out of inspiration! Who can help him? Concealed in his painter’s overall are playful ‘seeing and doing’ tasks for young children. This allows them to give the artist fresh ideas for his artworks. ‘Mister James’ is based on the figure of James Ensor. Afterwards, the tour takes the children through the many artistic styles of modern and contemporary art. Target group: year two of kindergarten to year two of primary school

Duration: 1 hour (year two and three of kindergarten)
Duration: 1.5 hours (year one and two of primary school)
Cost: 60 euros/ guide
Number: max. 20 people/ guide


Creative workshop

Experiential tours and workshops led by the external provider, mu-zee-um.

Mu-zee-um organises experiential tours with workshops for kindergarten, primary and special educational needs schools. These centre around experimentation and creation.

More information:, or +32 (0)59 26 90 64



Is there an art project week at school? Do you have a particular target audience? Would you like to organise a visit to the museum because you have been learning about a specific theme or working on a project in class? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can help you choose a museum tour or prepare your visit. Of course, it’s also possible to arrange a tailor-made tour.

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