Documenting Cadere, 1972-1978

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On December 12, 1975, André Cadere and his assistant Bernard Marcellis exhibit the installation une barre de bois Ronde in Café l'Oasis in Kain, a small village not far from Tournai (Belgium).

André Cadere brought people together in thinking about the necessity of displacements.  Lynda morris's project Documenting Cadere, 1972-1978, goes further than this formulation and tries to read the work of 'une barre de bois ronde'.  it brings together numerous unpublished documents.  The exhibition  held at Modern Art Oxford, Mu.ZEE Ostend and Artists Space New York - and this publication are about the thinking of André Cadere, how his documents lead us to the core of his radical practice and why in the end, it would have been nice ( just for one day) to have been one of Cadere's bars and to have journeyed with him. 

Included CD : André cadere and Lynda Morris in conversation, march 1976

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Lynda Morris, Paul Luckraft,  Phillip Van den Bossche, Stefan Kalmár, 172 p,  soft cover, ed. Koenig Books, London

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