Guy Mees - The Weather is Quiet, Cool, and Soft

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Borrowed from a barely readable note by Guy Mees jotted down on one of his works on paper, the title of this publication—The Weather Is Quiet, Cool and Soft—pays homage to the atmospheric impermanence, infra-ordinary, and relativistic poetic approach present in the work of Mees. Beyond his stripping back of form, and the rigorist quality of his work, Mees was an artist of the perceptible. Nothing in his work is abstracted from what surrounds it, but shares the random rhythm of the phenomena and porosity of the world. Including the conversation Wim Meuwissen, Dirk Snauwaert, Micheline Szwajcer moderated by Lilou Vidal. Published in response to the eponymous exhibition in 2018 in Mu.ZEE.

Lilou Vidal, François Piron, Fernand Spillemaeckers, 187 p, Ed. Mu.ZEE, Kunsthalle Wien, Sternberg Press

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