The Role of the Story Teller

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Colour is not easy to translate into words. Perhaps colour actively resists language or plausible definition? And vice versa: words can change colour. Artist Richard Tuttle reflects on colour during his stay in Ostend in 2017, where his solo exhibition Light And Colour was on view at Mu.ZEE. It was here that he set out the initial framework for what became The Role Of The Story Teller, a book that invites us to his world of colour. The book consists of five sections, depicting and illustrating two of his marvellous artist books - Not the Point (2009) and You never see the same colour twice (2017) - while connecting them with three exhibitions from 2017, namely his solo-presentation at De Hallen Haarlem, (Netherlands), Books, Multiples, Prints, Writings and New Projects at Galerie Christian Lethert (Cologne, DE) and Light and Colour at Mu.ZEE (Ostend, BE). With his documented writings, images of artworks and selections of text, Tuttle departs from concrete notions of colour, instead proposing a boundless vision of 'real' colour. Tuttle's themes and provocative questions bring together seemingly disparate episodes, providing new ways to consider and experience our own relationship with colour.

Phillip Van den Bossche - Richard Tuttle - Alexis Gauthier - Cornelia Kratz, Soft cover, 444p, ed. MER. Borgerhof&Lamberigts

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