James Ensor, Occasional modernist

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Ensor's artistic and social ideas and the interpretation of his art

In the course of the twentieth century under the influence of the increasing succes of Modernism, a misleading image of James Ensor emerged. In order to understand the artist's motivatios, this book follows the advice given by the art critic André de ridder by Ensor himself in 1930.  The analysis of Ensdor's writing is no small task, for he gave little attention to structure and coherence. Nevertheless, his writings are a crucial source of knowledge on his opinions Christiaan faith, rationality, hypocrisy, the dangers of an emerging flemish nationalism, animal cruelty, the destruction of natural bezauty and ancient monuments, and a number of other topics. This book explores the artist's writings, ideas and works in a greater depth than they have hitherto enjoyed in art-historical scholarshop. (Studies in nineteenth century art and visual culture) 

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Herwig Todts, 440 p, hard cover.  Ed. Brepols

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