Untitled youth platform

Untitled, who are we?

Untitled is Mu.ZEE’s youth platform. We are young, creative people who combine forces and talents to make the museum a little more ‘youth-minded’. Our team is made up of a variety of enthusiastic young people, united in our passion for art!

Untitled, what do we do?

Uhm, good question. Untitled is a platform run for, and by, young people. We, young people and artists, are given ‘carte blanche’ to organise, curate and exhibit at the museum…. in short: to do our own thing. Our goal? To prove that a museum is a lively place where dialogue is created, young people come together, social themes are explored, and young people are given opportunities… A museum is about more than just ‘the art’. It’s also about the experience, feelings and thoughts that it (might) awaken in you.

Do you conform, or do you have your own alternative way of looking at things? Do you have a crazy idea or would you simply like to find out a bit more about Untitled ? Do you have questions or is there something you’d like to share?

Find out more about us on Facebook and Instagram. Or come along to the museum!

Send us a love letter, a poem or your greatest secrets: jongerenplatform@muzee.be.