With an open mind

An interactive and conversational tour.

This tour is inspired by the method known as ‘Visual Thinking Strategies’.

Together with your group, you will view and discuss a number of artworks with an open mind. The guide chiefly acts as a moderator. He or she asks questions, links back to what has been said and asks follow-up questions. There is no such thing as a wrong answer, because the fundamental question is: what can you see? This can vary enormously from person to person. You are viewing with your own frame of reference and with your own experiences. Perhaps you will modify an idea when you hear someone else’s vision? Or build further on what someone else has to say? Together, you will get far more out of an artwork than you would do alone!

The method is based on Visual Thinking Strategies, developed for the MoMA in New York. Because visitors remember little of a tour if the information is insufficiently linked to their own lives, this method starts with input from the visitor rather than from the guide’s knowledge. Everyone can participate, regardless of their education or cultural background, as no prior knowledge is required. By naming what you see, you look more carefully; and by taking different visions on board, you broaden your outlook.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: 100 euros/ guide + entry price

Number: max. 25 people/ guide

Languages: Dutch (French, English and German upon request)