Secondary school

Out of the box

An interactive tour with creative tasks in the museum rooms.

We think outside the box, go beyond the artwork, analyse the visual language, ask ourselves what the artist’s intentions are, and consider how they navigate a constantly evolving society. Interaction is the common thread. There are practical tasks and moments for discussion. Based on these, the young people are introduced to modern and contemporary art movements.

Target group: secondary school, always tailored to age
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: 60 euros/ guide
Number: max. 25 pupils/ guide


With an open mind

An interactive and conversational tour. This tour is inspired by the method known as ‘Visual Thinking Strategies’.

Together with your group, you view and discuss a number of artworks with an open mind. The guide chiefly acts as a moderator. He or she asks questions, links back to what has been said and asks follow-up questions. There is no such thing as a wrong answer, because the fundamental question is: what can you see? This can vary enormously from person to person. You are viewing with your own frame of reference and with your own experiences. Perhaps you will modify an idea when you hear someone else’s vision? Or build further on what someone else has to say? You get far more out of an artwork as a group than you would do alone!

The method is based on Visual Thinking Strategies, developed for the MoMA in New York. Because visitors remember little of a tour if the information is insufficiently linked to their own lives, this method starts with input from the visitor, not from the guide’s knowledge. Everyone can participate, regardless of their education or cultural background, as no prior knowledge is required. By naming what you see, you look more carefully; and by taking different visions on board, you broaden your outlook.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: 70 euros/ guide 
Number: max. 25 people/ guide
Languages: Dutch (French, English and German upon request)


Under the press

A graphic workshop aimed at getting to know the Mu.ZEE collection better.

We browse amongst the artworks, consider composition, light, colour, shape, darkness, shadow, texture and details. But there is also time to look at the (social and art historical) themes and emotions in the artworks before experimenting in the workshop with our own printing equipment. After drawing their design, the pupils learn graphic techniques: using an etching press, they scratch, draw, rub, stick and print their artwork into existence.

Choose from:

- Monotypes
- Dry point on plexiglass
- Collagraphy or collage printing
- Screen-printing

Target group: years three to six of secondary school
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 75 euros/ guide
Number: max. 25 people/ guide


Ensor in duplicate

The Ensor House or Mu.ZEE? Opt for both in Ensor in duplicate. Discover Ensor’s world at his home in the Vlaanderenstraat, as well as the original artworks in Mu.ZEE’s Ensor and Spilliaert wing.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: 90 euros / guide + 3 euros entrance fee / person
Number: max. 25 people/ guide
Languages: Dutch, French, English, German

This formula cannot be booked at the moment. Guided tours are not yet possible in the Ensor House due to the corona measures.


Is there an art project week at school? Do you teach in BUSO (the special educational needs sector)? Are you a Dutch teacher who would like to visit with your pupils? Yes, of course you can consider your visit in a wider context! Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can help you prepare your visit or arrange a tailor-made tour.

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